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We know that shipping cost is a huge concern of the jewelry drop shipping business, particularly for the items of low price(10-20$) when some suppliers could charge you almost the value of item, for the shipping costs. Thus, your entire profit would be diminished near to zero.
Or even worse, the other category of suppliers, who offer very low shipping costs, require a very long waiting time for delvery of the products.
None of those, happens here, at JewelryDropshippers.net
The thrive to make the shipping cost very affordable for your business and the delivery time very fast and reasoanble.

JewelryDropshippers.net drop ships with tracking number almost anywhere you want, via USPS or Canada Post.
We don't ship to PO boxes and reserve the right to ship only to the countries listed in the "ship to" drop-down list.

We ship from our location in Canada or USA, depend on item model and availability.
We dispatch within 1-3 working days.
Delivery time frames and shipping charges for regular orders up to 5 items:

1st Class USPS
2-5 working days

Expedited Canada Post
1-3 working days
10 CAD

1st Class USPS
7-10 working days
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