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Jewelry Drop Shipping Program

Create a free account today, become a retailer and start making money with our jewelry drop shipping program!
  • Your account is activated immediately.
  • You will have access to prices, product setup feeds, inventory feeds, images and more. Once you setup our products on your channels, start selling and come back here to place your orders.
  • Drop shipping for jewelry is a business model in which you do not keep your jewelry items in stock, instead, you transfer your customers' orders and shipment details to JewelryDropshippers.net, then we ship the goods directly to them. You keep the price difference/profit during the transaction.
  • JewelryDropshippers.net offers the jewelry drop shipping program to all customers at no extra charge. Regardless of whether you plan to create a general online store, sell on eBay or Amazon, you'll be able to find all the stock you need.
  • No costly inventories, no complicated online account systems to manage, we'll do it all.
It's simple and it's free!

Is drop shipping right for you? How drop-shipping actually works?
 drop shipping program|drop shipping for jewelry
  1. Choose a product on our website
  2. List it on your website, eBay or Amazon
  3. Your customer places and pays order on your website or marketplace account
  4. You place the same order on our website with your customer shipping address and keep the profit between your selling price and the purchasing cost
  5. We ship the item to your customer. We GUARANTEE the followings:
    • We do NOT include our company name, logo or address anywhere on or inside the package
    • We do NOT mention the real price paid by you for the merchandise
    • We do NOT contact your customers; your customers will be always loyal ONLY to you
  6. Your customer receives item
What are the benefits of our jewelry drop shipping program?
  1. You can become a retailer without needing to invest large amounts of money and start your business without any risk
  2. There is no expensive inventory or warehouse to maintain
  3. This allows you to sell a broad range of products without investment
  4. You don't have to carry inventory or pay for inventory upfront - if the products doesn't sell, you never have to buy it
  5. You do not have to buy packing materials and shipping labels, nor will you need a shipping account
  6. You do not have to spend time on packaging and mailing the merchandise
  7. Why pay to have a product shipped to yourself to only turn it around, repackage it and ship to your customer, ending by paying double shipping charges, it just doesn't make sense?!
  8. You may use our pictures and descriptions anywhere to help you in your sales
  9. No minimum order. Buy as little or as much as you like. However, we offer great discounts for volume quantities( see the DISCOUNTS section for details)
  10. You purchase products from us at wholesale price and set your own retail price at whatever you want, for large profits
Is the drop shipping for jewelry a profitable business model?
Drop shipping model allows you to start your eBay and Amazon stores right away, followed by your own website and build a strong and reliable business.
So, YES! It’s definitely possible to build meaningful drop shipping businesses that generate real wealth.

What kind of profit margins can we expect with our jewelry drop shipping program?
Profit margins will vary greatly depending on the products you sell.For expensive electronics, margins are thin and will likely be within the 5% to 10% range.
But for low-priced silver or costume jewelry margins could often be up to 100% range.
However, we recommend you better sell lots at low margins than a few at the high value.
Overall, selling at the lower margin will bring you the profit and success you are looking for.
A reasonable average drop shipping gross margins are usually in between the 15% to 25% range.

Where do people sell drop shipped products?
People sell drop shipped products just about everywhere! Many sales on eBay and Amazon are fulfilled through drop shippers, as are items thousands of e-commerce sites, especially smaller ones.
Nowadays, even the big sellers utilise drop shipping to expand their product catalogue and offerings. It’s likely that large companies like Sears, Home Depot and Best Buy utilise the drop shipping model for some of their less popular items. This allows them to offer a broad selection while limiting the inventory they have to maintain. Jewelry Dropshippers

Why would you choose JewelryDropshippers.net as your drop shipping for jewelry source?
Drop shipping usually works the best when you have got a reliable, honest and trustful partner. It is paramount to obtain the correct and real information about the products you sell.
Here, at jewelrydropshippers.net you are the right person to the right place and right time.
You can sell lots of low-cost, high-quality products at large margin products.
Low shipping cost and relatively fast shipping and delivery is extremely important, as well.

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