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Emeralds and Mythology

Posted by y on 6/15/2017 to Emerald
The name “emerald” comes from “smaragdos” (Greek) by way of the Old French word “esmeralde” and simply means “green gemstone”. From ancient times, the gemstones seen on emerald vintage rings were regarded as mysterious and powerful possessions. Emerald gemstones were believed to bestow good fortune, robust health, and mental well-being. Pharaohs were buried with them. The Maharajahs hoarded them; literally spawning tales of secret mountains of emerald treasures.

The rich green color radiating from every emerald ring signifies the color of nature and the perennial cycles of springtime. Green was the color of the Roman Goddess of love and beauty named Venus. This is the reason why the gemstone in a silver emerald ring is associated with love and beauty.

Today, all kinds of beautiful emerald jewelry is available in the marketplace. But it is the emerald ring that captivates most emerald jewelry lovers all around the world. This is because of its wide range of emerald ring designs (e.g., classic emerald ring, emerald vintage rings, the emerald silver ring, etc.). Certainly, there is an emerald ring design that can satisfy any type of emerald jewelry customer. And the affordable emerald ring price makes it within everyone’s reach.

Present day emerald lovers can choose from a wide array of stunning jewelry. As a gift, an emerald ring is a sweet way to say, “I think you are beautiful and I love you.” The bevel cornered, rectangular or square cut has been traditionally used and considered the classic “emerald cut” for centuries. This is because the natural inclusions within emeralds previously prevented attempts at more daring cuts and designs. But advancements in gemstone fashioning technology has now enabled modern day gem cutters and designers to make an array of different shapes and unique emerald ring designs.

The emerald silver ring is a time-honored favourite among the world’s emerald lovers. The shiny silver and rich green of the emerald compliment each other quite nicely. If you are seeking a unique design, emerald and marcasite rings are available. Marcasite gem material (iron pyrite) has a white to a brass, pale yellow color and shines brilliantly like polished steel. The marcasite emerald ring is a stunning combination of the emerald’s lush green color and the metallic lustre of the marcasite.

The gemstones in natural emerald rings have a medium, not too light and not too dark, green hue. Natural emerald rings, together with the emerald vintage rings, are also very popular.    How can you easily and conveniently purchase an emerald ring? Simply perform an online search of “vintage emerald rings for sale”,”silver emerald ring”, or “natural emerald rings eBay” and you will be provided several online options. And once your checkout is complete, your beautiful emerald ring jewelry is immediately shipped to your doorstep.

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